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Privacy: It’s a Team Sport

by Matt Dumiak and Mackenzie Frerich

While the GDPR got the privacy party started, the US and other countries have kept the fun going into the wee hours. Only an ostrich can avoid hearing about privacy at this point and that is being debated over beers somewhere. In a global society, chances are your organization is subject to more than just one data privacy regulation and is grappling with how to implement a privacy program that will meet all of the requirements. When it comes to solving for the various obligations under privacy regulations, a cross functional team of experts is required to implement the solution. Not only should the organization have an internal task force, but various expertise is needed to solve for the larger issue of privacy: lawyers to provide legal interpretation of the regulations and opinions regarding applicability to the program; consultants to operationalize the requirements, implement the controls with the stakeholders, and translate the requirements to IT and IS teams; and technical solutions to ease the burden and staff hours needed to ultimately run the program.

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